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  Calendar 2012
  Board Meeting Schedule:

  Annual Homeowners Association Meeting:

  Special Events  
Emunah Fashion Show
Yeshiva Breakfast
Annual Singles Weekend
  Condo Questionnaire

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Shavuot 5773 Schedule:

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Succos 5774 Schedule:

Winter 2012-2013


  Shul Times  
  As posted weekly in the Vacation Village Voice
Off Season – Shacharis –
  8:30 AM Weekdays
  9:00 AM Shabbos
Mincha -
  approx. 20 minutes before sundown

- Shacharis –

  8:30 AM weekdays
  7:00 AM additional on Sunday, Monday and Friday
Mincha -
  approx. 20 minutes before sundown
  2:00 PM additional on Sunday

Summer Shiurim:
Gemora Shiur
7:45 AM – Weekdays
5:30 PM – Shabbos
Women’s Parsha
6:30 PM – Shabbos
Daf Yomi
30 minutes before Mincha
Pool Hours:  
Off Season:
Indoor pool will be opened when at least 10 homeowners request in advance. Pool is closed between New years and Pesach except for President's week, again subject to a request from 10 families to have it open.
Indoor Pool: 10AM-8PM Sunday-Thursday
10- 30 minutes before regular candle lighting Friday
Outdoor Pool: 10AM-7PM Sun-Friday
HOA Election date

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