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Vacation Village H.O.A Rules & Regulations
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  All dogs must be leashed at all times when outside your home. Dogs are not to be brought to kiddushim. Dogs are not permitted on the tennis courts – they are not dog runs. Please be sure to cleanup after your dog.  


  The VVHOA architectural committee must first approve all exterior construction. This also includes conversions to gas heat. No work may begin without advance approval by the architectural committee. All contractors should be advised to sign in at the office upon arrival each day. There are no time restrictions during the off-season. During the summer season (July thru Labor day) no exterior construction is permitted except for emergencies. Certain exterior painting is permitted Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 4PM. Please speak with a member of the board or architectural committee regarding the details. Interior work and emergency repair work is permitted between 9AM and 4PM Monday thru Friday during the summer season (be sure to inform the office in advance).  


  While the HOA does not encourage the rental of homes for the summer season, certain rules have been established in this regard. Please obtain a copy of these before renting your home, and be sure to advise your tenant of the HOA rules so as to avoid any misunderstanding.  


  Please call the office in advance if you are planning to come up in the winter. While it may not have snowed in your area, it might have snowed in VV. The office staff cannot drop everything to clean your sidewalk when you arrive. Please sign in at the office when you arrive.

During the off-season, the office is open only limited hours. Leave messages with the answering machine. The messages will be picked up regularly.
  Suggestions for a more pleasant environment:

Please be considerate of your neighbors during Shabbat and Yom Tov afternoons. Ask your children not to play near the homes of neighbors who may be sleeping.

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